It’s All About Who You Know

Good morning, Kids.

Today’s reading reminded me of Kickstarter. I knew nothing about it until Jessica Willis Fisher announced that she had started a fundraising campaign for her debut solo recording project.

Kickstarter capitalizes on the financial idea of using other people’s money (“OPM”), to start a business, which is why we so frequently hear the common phrase, “It’s all about who you know.”

The same can be said about starting a faith journey, “It’s all about who you know.” Many years ago, I heard a sermon titled, “Only One Thing Is Necessary for Us,” and that is to know Jesus.

Do we really know … The Son? … The Father? … The Spirit? … That They are One?

Does the world know that we love God? Let’s make sure it does, leave no doubt! And, let’s help others to start a faith journey. May our faith be their kickstarter.

Have a great day!

Check out Jessica’s fundraising campaign video:

The song you hear on the campaign video is “100 Times Better,” by The Willis Clan. Check it out:

And here is a music video of “100 Times Better,” which revisits their reality show on TLC. Check it out: