It Is Finished!

Happy Easter, Kids!

I love to listen to Pandora during my daily hour-long walks. I created nine stations to cover all of my favorite genres of music, and I set up the app to shuffle the songs. Needless to say, I expect to hear a fresh playlist every day. But, last week was different. Not only did I hear this one particular song for the very first time, but I heard it at least three times.

The lyrics reminded me of Jesus’ last words before He died on the cross, “It is finished!” (John 19:26-30) Having heard the song multiple times, I concluded that, perhaps, God was inspiring me to write a journal entry for Easter Sunday, as if whispering in my ear, “Write about how my Son fulfilled all of the prophecies concerning the Messiah; He left no stone unturned.

I searched the gospels, and I found these prophecies that Jesus fulfilled:

Jesus crossed the finish line; He accomplished His mission; He left no stone unturned. Praise the Lord!

PS – I recognized the group singing the song on Pandora. When I got home, I scrolled through the playlist to discover that it was sung by The LeFevre Quartet, a group that I saw perform at Silver Dollar City’s Southern Gospel Picnic in Branson this past summer. They are really good!

I love you!

He Left No Stone Unturned
by The LeFevre Quartet

There was a lot to be done,
in the work of God’s Son.
So much at stake,
He wouldn’t make one mistake.
The duty aside
was to rescue mankind.
He had to do all things well.
He would not fail.

He left no stone unturned.
He finished everything.
No uncompleted task
in the journal of the King.
They tried to stop His work.
They even put Him in a grave.
He left no stone unturned,
but He left one rolled away.

No rest on the road,
for the Savior of the soul.
No pillow for the head
for the One who raised the dead.
To heal lame and blind
required overtime.
He worked ‘till the end
to be the sinner’s friend.


From the manger to the mission,
from the cross to the grave
(to the grave, to the grave)
He left no stone unturned!


He left one rolled away.
He left one rolled away!

Jesus, Son of God, Son of Man, the Beginning & the End.
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