Happy Memorial Day!

Good morning, Kids.

On this Memorial Day, it seems only fitting that today’s reading would include God’s commandments to the Jews that were designed to help them remember something very important, that He had redeemed them.

God commanded the Jews to observe the Feast of Passover, the Feast of Weeks, & the Feast of Booths. In addition to these annual feasts, God commanded them to observe the Year of Remission every seven years. It was a proclamation of the Lord’s remission.

As I read about the Year of Remission, I was reminded of a camp song, “Pierce My Ear,” the lyrics of which were inspired by this command.

Check it out:

Pierce my ear, O Lord, my God
Take me to Your door this day.
I will serve no other god,
Lord, I’m here to stay.

For You have paid the price for me
With Your blood You ransomed me.
I will serve You eternally,
A free man I’ll never be.

Here is another great rendition of the song by an individual:

So, on this Memorial Day, let’s also remember Jesus, who gave His life to redeem us.

Have a great day!