Choose Life & Love

Good morning, Kids!

I believe Jeanette Willis had this verse in mind when she penned her song, “I Choose Life.” And, she makes her debut as lead vocal singing it on the fourth album by The Willis Clan, “Speak My Mind.”

We live in an era inundated with social media “notifications,” which makes her lyric, “And if you’re happy, Well please notify your face,” so clever. The song also speaks about making good choices. It’s a great song to listen to first thing in the morning.

Have a great day!

Check it out, “I Choose Life,” by The Willis Clan:

I Choose Life

I know you heard
Something happened in my past
I never told you cuz
You had never asked
But that’s ok
It’s gonna be alright

I was young, innocent
And I didn’t know
And I’ve decided not to
Let it keep me low
So I’ll say
I’m gonna be alright

And ooh – oh baby
It’s my choice and
Ooh – it’s not a maybe

I choose life
I choose love
I choose everything we’re dreaming of
Don’t wanna fuss
Or fight
But I’ll do anything to make it right
So say with me tonight
I choose life

So now you know
And I’m asking what you think
So tell me baby
Are we gonna swim or sink
So I ask are
You gonna leave tonight

So tell me baby
Will I get the chance to sing
I need to know if you’re still
Thinking ’bout that ring
Cause I need you
To hold me tight

And ooh oh baby
Cause I love you
And ooh – it’s not a maybe

Do you choose life

I decided not to let it get me down
I decided I would turn my frown around
So here’s the thing
You can handle it with grace
And if you’re happy
Well please notify your face



I choose love
So get up and get out
And go live your life
It’s on you – it’s on me
To go and make it right
I choose life

Songwriters: Jeanette Willis & Jeremiah Willis